Pioneer Consulting?s Proves to be a Successful Tool for Cable Owners

Since its launch in May 2017, Pioneer Consulting’s continues to provide an innovative cloud-based design platform for mapping, planning and analyzing new undersea cable systems. In addition to serving many industry organizations, recently reached Alaska to assist with various regional cable systems that are in early planning stages. was able to help validate routing, engineer the cable, and support overall budget planning for various telecommunications companies. is an accessible, web-based service that ensures cable design and multi-discipline collaboration remains straightforward throughout early-stage project planning. The platform avoids unnecessary complication by delivering a simple customer-focused product, point-and-click functionality, and meaningful data-driven reports as well as analytics allowing customers to instantly generate Route Position Lists (RPLs), Straight Line Diagrams (SLDs), and other economically important details—all provided in industry-standard exportable formats.

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