Engineering & Implementation

Pioneer's capability goes beyond project development into implementation. We build teams to supplement the skills of the cable owners' own team to help realize the most from the project by tracking the design, engineering, implementation, and commercial aspects of their submarine cable investments.

Our market knowledge and analysis capabilities differentiate our Implementation Service from those who focus on project management alone.

Our team consists of seasoned experts with broad experience in managing complex telecommunications projects, external clients, and international virtual teams. We have a proven record of successfully delivering consultancy services at all levels of a client’s organization. We are committed to delivering “on time, on spec, and on budget.”

When Pioneer Consulting is hired to manage an undersea cable system, nothing is left to chance. Risks are analyzed and mitigated. Tasks are scheduled and tracked to completion. For further information, send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Feasibility Studies

Near the start of most cable systems, a feasibility study is conducted. Pioneer’s team has the capability to go beyond pure market analysis to provide the following services:

Overall Project Objectives

  • Option/Configuration Assessment & Recommendations
  • Scenario, Risk, & Sensitivity Analysis
  • Project Implementation Timetable Formulation


  • Submarine Cable Route & Cable Engineering
  • Terminal Station Engineering & Design
  • System Management Specification
  • Submerged Plant Storage and Maintenance

Economic Analysis

  • Demand & Revenue Forecasts
  • Competition Analysis
  • Price Elasticity of Demand
  • Capex & Opex Analysis
  • Project Funding Options

Legal & Permitting

  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Legal Analysis
  • Environmental Analysis


Desk-Top Studies

Pioneer takes the next step with our clients to execute a desk-top study. This study compiles Route Position Lists and Straight Line Diagrams. Members of Pioneer’s team are available to make site visits practically anywhere in the world to assess fully:

  • Permitting
  • Cable Engineering
  • Shore Ends
  • Fishing & Shipping Activities
  • Bathymetry, Oceanography, & Meteorology
  • Geology & Seabed Morphology
  • Hazards & obstructions
  • Risk (physical, political, and cultural)


RFQ Formulation & Bid Adjudication

Pioneer has the commercial and technical expertise to develop the commercial and technical sections of a cable owner’s RFQ for system supply. Experienced members of the staff will design a customized RFQ. Pioneer will then develop tender evaluation criteria and support the client’s adjudication of bids with clarifications and assessment reports. Support can also be provided in negotiating with System Suppliers and formulation of contract documents on behalf of the client.