Market & Technical Studies

Pioneer Consulting has a track record spanning more than a decade performing marketplace analysis through one-on-one consulting and assisting customers develop their new projects. Whether you are looking for a Feasibility Study or interested in a fiber-optic submarine cable database, Pioneer Consulting provides clients with accurate and detailed information on time and within the client's parameters.


Equity & Debt Financing Support

Most private cable systems require extensive preparation for capital to be raised and debt syndicated. Pioneer’s experts provide clear, convincing positions for use by either the project’s owners or the lender to ensure that the maximum value is obtained from the transaction.


Due Diligence

The cable system developer and the supplier are not the only parties interested to ensure that the project is successful. The banks loaning money to the project have a vital interest to ensure that all of the technical, commercial, competitive, quality, legal, and regulatory experts have been consulted and that plans are consistent with their recommendations. Pioneer Consulting has experience with protecting the interests of banks in multi-hundred million dollar system deployments.


Asset Valuation

Pioneer’s well trained and experienced financial experts have assisted many banks, venture capital and private equity investors to value assets for refinance, project restructuring, change of ownership, and distressed asset transactions.


Expert Witness

When working to implement new systems, Pioneer uses its skills to avoid problems before they become problems. When differences arise, we work to amicably resolve differences.

When this is unavoidable, Pioneer Consulting’s experts are available to provide expert testimony for court proceedings. The same clarity of understanding, vision, and communications that Pioneer uses in its other services is brought to bear to assist your day in court.

Proprietary Data Sources

Pioneer’s proprietary Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Database contains data on almost every commercial repeatered and unrepeatered submarine fiber optic cable that has ever been installed. Future installations are also included with Pioneer’s own assessment of the likelihood of the project’s going ahead. The Database consists of the following elements:

  • System parameters
  • Landing Points
  • Owners & Suppliers
  • Cable Ships


Submarine Bandwidth Demand Forecasting

Our proprietary models provide the Client with reliable, justifiable forecasts of worldwide bandwidth demand, in any geographical region, or even at the country level, which can be used as the basis for business planning. Pioneer also estimates the amount of lit and unlit capacity in a region or on a route and matches this against forecast demand to determine the likely scale and timing of system upgrades and new cable installations.


Competitor Analysis

Pioneer has developed a proprietary methodology to estimate the likely market shares of existing competitors in a given submarine fiber optic bandwidth market and to predict the impact of new entrants.

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